Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Look at the pretty colours

Wow.Look at this flower. Is it real,is it fake? First things first, this is not any kind of photo manipulation. What you see in that picture is an accurate representation of something that exists in the world.

Next is it a fake flower. People have been making flowers out of paper and cloth and plastic, and all kinds of things for years. In fact I once had a temporary job when I was a teenager working in a factory that took boxes full of plastic flowers made in China and then put them into frames and made them into nasty little arrangements. Anyway no it is not that.

It is a real, honest, grown flower.Although not the result of genetic mutation or engineering to be fair. In fact it is a normal cream coloured rose of the type that you could get anywhere that you would normally buy flowers. Basically its made with de in the water. Try it out - you wioll have some fun and mess with some roses.

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