Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Haiti earthquake charity single

Today the world heard to the first play of the charity single put together by talent show
supremo Simon Cowell tor raise funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The song, is,
typically for the song, 'Everybody Hurts' is a cover version. The track, written by REM, was
originally released in 1993.

The minor-key ballad is performed by a veritable 'who's-who' of bland overpackaged singers.
Amoungst others, Miley "Hannah Montana" Cyrus and James "rhyming slang" Blunt are joined by SuBo and a van load of the other miscellaneous reality TV celebrities Cowell has a hand bringing to prominence.

Although the aim of aiding helping the the aftermath of the catastrophe after the Haiti
earthquake is laudable, it is easy to see other motivations behind this move. This is a
promotional stunt designed as much to raise the profile of Cowell and acts associated with him
as it is with helping the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

The song is an insipid rendering of a song chosen to pluck at the heartstrings. This shallow
manipulation, which serves more to boost the careers of those involved than assisting in the
reconstruction in the wake of the Haiti earthquake should be resisted. Give your money straight
to one of the many charities (also buy the superior REM version if happen to like the song) just
don't further reward Cowell for his crimes against music.

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