Thursday, 25 February 2010

How to dress your phone in lingerie

I was really shocked when I read about Apple banning all their sexy apps for the iPhone. Personally I love to see lots of sexy models wearing the latest lingerie, swimwear or (don’t tell anyone) nothing at all. Anyway you can read all about that here.

In case you are a busy type who does not have the time to follow every single link that they might find on the Internet I will tell you of the single most amazing thing that I learnt by reading that post. That’s right. You can get lingerie for your phone. I think it makes a powerful statement if you are the kind of person that dresses their smartphone in its own special lingerie. Even more so if you have made it yourself like in these instructions.

I like that idea a lot. So much hotter than putting your phone in a child’s sock or whatever. Personally though I think it is much sexier not to wear any underwear, and spend the money I save on lingerie on some glamorous dresses.

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