Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Microsoft dresses up Winows 7 in new Phones

The world of technology has become increasingly like the world of fashion. Consumers seek to align themselves with brands whose core values they feel who reflect their own. Nowhere is this truer than with smart-phones. Over the last few seasons to go along with the latest dresses, shoes and shirts the iPhone has been the must-have accessory.

The iPhone is one of a long line of very trendy Apple products. Costing considerably more than their competitors, apple have carved out a market share for their products based as much on the aesthetic appeal of their design as their technical functionality.

It was the iPod that put an Apple in every well dressed pocket, with a range of colours to suit every dress sense. The iPhone continued this success, with its operating system being used in the newly released floor length dress to the iPhones mini-skirt.

Microsoft have had no way to dress up their failure to compete in this market. The Zune has made little impact compared to the iPod. However one Microsoft product has been phenomenally successful: the almost universally acclaimed operating system Windows 7.

Now the software giant has announced that Windows 7 will be taking to the world of smart-phones. The new operating system will be called Windows Phone 7 series. It will combine services like XBox live for gaming as well as essential social and location based features.

Of course an operating system is only as good as the technology it is clothed in. Of course the new Windows 7 mobiles will have a choice of stylish dresses to wear to the Web 3.0 ball. Top manufactures such as Sony Ericson, Samsung and LG have all been lined up to produce handsets. Though the handsets will vary in design all must have a special physical button to summon Microsoft's Bing search engine as well as a multi-touch screen.