Tuesday, 6 April 2010

they tried to get a WHAT on the plane?!

I have the privilege of taking flights to Dubai on a fairly regular basis. This means not only that I get to catch up on the kind of movies I wouldn't normally bother with, but also that I am pretty familiar with the procedures in airports. Security, customs, immigration, you have to go through a lot of checks before they let you on a plane. Quite right too. It might have toughened up a little recently, but there have always been checks surely?

That's why this story really amazed me. Two women tried to sneak a CORPSE aboard a flight. Did they really think no-one would notice? The body in question was that of a relative of the women who had died the day before.

The dead man was in a wheelchair, and sunglasses had been put on his face. Perhaps his adventurous female relatives were taking on one last holiday.This has to be a pretty unique crime. Still, luckily enough they were stopped. It is bad enough having to sit next to a big fat person or a screaming child - decomposing human remains is another matter altogether.

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