Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Yeti fail

So yeah, apparently some Chinese hunters are claiming to have captured a living yeti. The yeti is reputed to be an ape like creature living in the high mountains. Sometimes also referred to as the ‘abominable snow man’ one has never been photographed, let alone captured. Nevertheless artist impressions of the beast usually depict it looking something like the picture below.

The supposed yeti (yes that thing in the cage in the picture) looks very little like this. In fact it looks very little like an ape of a description. Perhaps this should be filed under ‘climate change news’, as maybe it was global climate change that led to its sorry state.

Of course we shouldn’t write off finding new species of animal, even large ones. Naturalists found a 2 meter long fruit eating lizard that no-one had seen before. This was described as being ‘dragon sized’, which surprised me. I thought dragons were mythical creatures so how can you compare things to them in terms of size? Also, I have always thought of dragons as being way bigger than that. Oh, wait, alright Komodo Dragons. Gotcha.

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