Tuesday, 13 April 2010

vans up, suckers

I need some new wheels. Shouldn't be too hard. But why is it all the used vans I go to see seem to look quite a lot like this one:

Still, at leas that is fairly honest advertising, you know that what you see will very much be what you get. Most of the rust-buckets I've wasted my time going to see did not have anything like such a truthful picture. Of course just cos a van looks OK doesn't mean its going to keep on running. My friend knew I was looking for vans so he sent me this:

Even if the van is running well you still have your image to think about. I think when most people picture a 'typical van driver' they imagine someone who drive a van a little bit like this one:

Not the kind of look you really want to go for! Still, a van is what it is, there is no hope of disguising it. This guy is fooling no-one:

Quite cool in its own little way though I suppose. Not for me though. Well, I guess I'll have to keep on looking, and keep on forking out for van hire all the time. At least the rentals are all quite nice and new - I think that might be the problem actually. Driving the latest just gives me unrealistic expectations!

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