Monday, 1 March 2010

A guy from Mumbai

So do you believe in love at first sight? Most people don't I think, and it might seem a little silly to some. How can it be that two people can know that straight away? Mind you, they do say that you from like 90% of your opinion of someone within 5 minutes of meeting. If you go on to have a relationship with them maybe you look back, know that you had a good feeling about that person from the start.

What started me thinking about this? Well you might have guessed I have met a guy. It was on that new web-cam chat thing where you get connected to randoms. I was about to leave the sight because, well, take a look for yourself. Its like visiting the monkey house at the zoo. Like I say I was about to give up on the whole thing then this really sweet looking guy appeared on my screen.

Right away I knew he was different. Unlike most of the other guys on there he was fully clothed. Not only that but he didn't seem to be touching himself inappropriately. Plus he was wearing a necktie. That's when I knew he was a class act.

So we got talking - and talking and talking. Honestly we just spent hours chatting about everything under the sun. I think that is when my head began to catch up with my heart and I began to realise that this could be the one.

Luckily he was feeling the same way. We have been talking long-distance since then and I think this could be pretty serious. Only one problem. He lives in Mumbai. Not that I have anything against Mumbai its just it is just so far away. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I'm usually doing my thing either in the States or my home-away-from-home, England. I get back and forth quite a bit so I'm well used to taking lots of flights.

So I'm looking to go out there and meet up in person. I really can't wait. I have been reading up on Mumbai and India. It's fascinating, so much stuff I never know. I found up my doctor about getting vaccinations and stuff, blackmailed my boss into giving me some more time off and now all I need to do is to book some flights to Mumbai. Wish me luck, my experiences with meeting men over the Internet haven't been that great before - but if you fail, try try again as they say.


  1. Yes, I belive in love at first sight. Ok, all you need to do is book some flights to Mumbai.
    All the very best!

  2. you're lucky you found someone decent on chatroulette. i for one, am not brave, for fear of pervs whipping out their goods ;)
    anyways, just passing by. saw your comments on our site and wanted to return the favor and visit yours :)

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