Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Airbus A380 excitement

I am a big fan of machines. Bigger. Faster. Louder. That is my mantra. To my mind one of the coolest, and biggest machines is the Airbus A380. This is a really supersized 21st Century Jumbo jet. Aviation moving forward. Concord being retired and the end of supersonic passenger flight was a major setback back, and made me very sad. The A380 is a shining step forward.

Double decked along its entire length the Airbus A380 8000 can pack in an astounding 853 passengers. It has 50% more space than the outmoded Boeing 747. The 747 was introduced in 1969, the same year as Concord by the way.

I’m no plane spotter, but I really want to take a flight on one of these. I must admit I felt more than a little bit excited to read an announcement that flights to Manchester from the UAE will be using the new airliner. Next time I have to be taking flights to Dubai for work I hope that the airline that flies me is running one of these epic sky-whales.

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