Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Land peel furniture revolution

Every now and then you run into something that is just absolutely, undeniably, awesome. Very, very rarely does anything to do with furniture fall into this category for me. This is an exception. I really have no idea who Shin Yasmashita is, but she is apparently a Japanese industrial design student, and is plainly one with an amazing talent and unique vision. Just take a look at these photos (originals here).

The idea is basically to have a kind of floor mat that can be reshaped to suit your furniture needs of the moment. This is definitely an idea that has a very Japanese complexion to it. Here in the west I think we are too wedded to the idea of our chairs and sofas to really ever consider ways of making sitting on the floor more comfortable.

I really like the idea of having this one totally configurable bit of furniture. Just being able to grab and manipulate your environment to shape to your needs at that moment. I think this is just a prototype at the moment, but if it goes into production I would be very interested to try it out.

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