Thursday, 18 March 2010

Electric cars

With concern about global climate change running as high as it is, there is a lot of pressure for individuals to reduce their carbon emissions. A proportion of carbon emissions come from personal transport, the cars we all drive. I love cars and driving, and though I want to do my bit and be a responsible citizen of the world or whatever, I never want to stop driving. They will take my car keys and my pink fluffy dice from out of my cold dead hands.

Because I want to keep driving, and because I don’t want to kill penguins (how could I?), I have been paying a lot of attention to electric and hybrid cars. To be fair most of them haven’t done anything for me. This is either because of their looks, their performance, or the fact that they just would not be practical for me.

There is one electric car I would absolutely love to drive though: The Tesla Electric Roadster! Just because you are saving the planet does not mean that you don’t have places you need to get to fast. Take a look at this video of one of the slick looking road-beasts going head to head with a meaty v8 powered Dodge Viper:

That is certainly no milk float. The only thing that is missing is that throaty sports car roar. I think if I could afford one I would put in a monster sound system and play a CD of raw monstrous engine noise at full blast wherever I went. That wouldn’t be as anti-social as it sounds, at least people would be able to hear me coming and get out of the way!

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